The 2012 Olympics- print -


  • Art Direction
  • Packaging
  • Print
  • Print Production

Project Details

I was privileged to work for JCDecaux Airport when the Olympics came to town. To promote all our products we had decided to create a book so that clients to look through, then when the sites went live (ebay style) they would know what they were buying. At this stage the other three departments of JCDecaux (Rail, Retail and Road), decided to jump on board and so I had to create a folder for all sections which were then sub-divided. I came up the divider options, colours and decided the design for each product as a templated page. This made it easier for the operations team to fill in details so I could then copy and paste each elements into the book. I worked closely with the print house to make sure all sections were printed and bound exactly as I had specified. Alongside this, the Airport decided to have an additional ‘Thank you’ element in the form of a chocolate gold medal. I fashioned the packaging to match the book and keep a consistent feel through the campaign.

Launch Project