Profiles 2013- print -


  • Art Direction
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Project Details

This project was more art direction. My Multimedia Designer at the time wanted to work on more print work to diversify his portfolio, so I gave him the Profiles book 2013 which we could work on together. Starting with the brainstorm, conceptualisation, design and finally production. We knew from previous books that the profiles were going to be longer and more in-depth as the research had expanded and we knew more. This presented a challenge as we still had the same page count but double the information. Therefore we needed a solution to compartmentalise the information and highlight key information. As ‘highlighting’ became apparent, it dawned us to use this as our concept. Therefore, all photography would be black and white but with one accent ie a tie or taxi light as the highlight. We could use tabs to separate the sections and fold outs for the more in-depth tables of information. Keeping the brochure visual yet informative at the same time.

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